“My stress level was at an all-time high. Regular exercise and diet alterations only addressed what I could visibly see. Dana’s skilled reflexology sessions educated me on the nervous system pathways, improved my energy flow, and reduced my stress.”

“With reflexology therapy I have a better understanding how my body works. Dana does a great job of making me feel comfortable and explaining what is going on during each treatment. After a treatment I feel very refreshed and relaxed. I would not hesitate to recommend Dana and reflexology to anyone.”

“I was pleased with my reflexology experience! It was very relaxing and soothing– I didn’t want it to end! It relieved tension and stress, and I felt refreshed when finished!”

The week before I had my session, my mother and I spent the entire week in a hospital in Knoxville Tennessee waiting for my sister to have heart valve replacement surgery. Hospital visits during the day and hotel at night all week so needless to say a lot of stress. Upon returning home, the reflexology session was a wonderful, timely treat for my body! I felt relaxed, refreshed afterwards. I will be back!

Adding reflexology to my holistic approach to health management has been a real plus. Selecting Dana has my reflexologist was the smartest choice I’ve ever made. Her studio cuddles you with relaxing sounds and soothing aroma therapy. The session itself is just the right mix of calming touch relaxation and serious problem-area treatment. The experience is amazing and heavenly.

Reflexology is a great addition to my good health regimen!

“I sought reflexology therapy for treatment of plantar fasciitis and muscle/tendon tightness in my calf and Achilles heel. Dana has addressed these specific issues for me in a professional and compassionate manner. I have had the pleasure of receiving several reflexology sessions in recent weeks and continue to benefit from Dana’s treatment methods evidenced by lessening of pain and discomfort in my leg, heel and foot. I look forward to each upcoming session knowing that any issue that I have will be released progressively and comfortably, as she seeks out existing symptoms and addresses any new ones that surface, keeping me in optimum health.”

“Having been a participant of natural health methods for the last 30 years of my life, I have come to appreciate the added benefits to my total well-being when stimulating my own body’s ability to heal itself naturally. While reflexology is not a new modality for me it has been many years since I have been able to incorporate it fully into my health care regime, mainly because of my proximity to quality, specifically trained individuals that have the ability to read the messages of my body via my feet!
I am so grateful to once again put my faith into such a specific body-reading technique. Dana expertly “reads my feet” knowing where extra attention and activation needs to be directed to assist my body’s innate mechanisms to heal itself. She is caring, compassionate, genuine, and determined as she personally interacts with the messages she receives from my feet. It not only greatly benefits my health – it feels glorious! My specific health issues have included mercury poisoning, chemical toxicity, and the symptoms that come from decades of their integration into my body system.
As the world opens up more and more to natural alternatives to addressing one’s health I’m confident that reflexology will be seen as an integral component in health restoration and maintenance. I love it because it works! Dana is Great!”

“I wasn’t sure what reflexology was all about before my first visit, but afterward only one visit, I was convinced that it was something I would like to pursue further. I have never been so relaxed as I was after only one session. I had tension in my shoulders prior to my visit and I noticed an immediate change as I left that evening. I look forward to learning more about this healing process in future visits!”
– Amy

“I admit I did not realize reflexology could have a powerful impace on one’s health. Dana’s understanding and knowledge of the procedures allow her clients to obtain maximum benefits. Dana’s studio is calming and cozy. The entire experience is amazing.”
– Wanda