Sole Healing Reflexology serves clients in the greater Charlotte area to help them experience better health and wellness.

Session Includes

• Your session will begin with a brief health history and an assessment to determine if there are any issues that would hinder or preclude treatment.

• You‘ll receive an explanation of how reflexology works and be given the opportunity to ask questions.

• You will never be asked to undress for reflexology, the only thing to be removed is your socks and shoes. (It is best to wear loose comfortable clothing, as the reflexologist will work up to your knees)

• You’ll comfortably lie down supine on a table with your feet slightly elevated.

• Reflexology involves no tools, instruments or needles, only skillful hand techniques involving pressure, stretching and movement to work the whole foot methodically. Pressure will be firm but should not be painful.

• Gentle relaxing music and pure essential oils will enhance your experience.

• You can rest or talk at your discretion, and if you fall asleep during the session you will still receive the benefits of the treatment.

• Feedback is encouraged, and of course, you can request that the session stop at any time.

Pricing per Session

Foot Reflexology:
          30 Minutes:   $50
          60 Minutes:   $85
          90 Minutes:   $120

Hand Reflexology:
          60 Minutes:   $85

Face Reflexology:
          45 Minutes:   $70